The Circle – Recommendation and review (spoiler-free)

The Circle – 2017

The Circle

Based on the Novel “The Circle” – Emma Watson’s character, Mae Holland, is accepted for a position with the infamous company, The Circle. The Circle is the world’s largest and most influential social media and technology company. This modern thriller interprets how society and social media could blur the line between a public life in the media and privacy.


IMDB: 5.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 16%

Flicks: 3/5

notacatblog: 6.2/10

Conclusion – Personal thoughts and recommendations

I was slightly unsure of this movie. The ideas behind it were obviously quite terrifying with cult-like imagery of the media throughout the film but the ideas and messages of privacy violation were unfortunately more believable than not for our society. (More detail in in-depth review). That being said, I didn’t hate the movie but it wouldn’t be one I’d willingly sit down and watch again.

I would recommend this film to people who have imminent ideas in the storyline of a film as a preference for movies as it is more of a sit and listen to the dialogue kind of movie so I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to individuals planning on watching this with a group of friends.

To conclude, a good thing to keep in mind before watching this film is that it is quite important to listen to the dialogue and take in the storyline or the movie could be a bit confusing but overall the storyline isn’t complicated to follow otherwise.

If you choose to see it, enjoy! And comment your opinion on the film in the comments or on my in-depth review of the film (warning: review contains spoilers from the film).

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